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What's the difference between sales coaching and sales management?

Having a background in sales management, i can tell you that YES sales management and sales coaching are completely different. Not only does a sales manager have a thousand and one things on his or her plate, the sales manager has to make sure that the sales team hits it's objective. The sales manager is also responsible for sales training when they can find time. More often, if you're not performing you get reprimanded then eventually fired.

A sales coach only focuses on one thing and one thing only, YOU! There is no sales team for him to worry about. There are no monthly quotas. The sales coach has a relationship with his client that is based on open communication to develop and foster your creative ideas about your sales experience in order to excel beyond your normal comfort zone. Professional athletes and actors have coaches, not because they don't know what to do, they have coaches to help them maintain peak performance!

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