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Strategies to get your prospect to do business with you TODAY!

Corporate Sales Training

“How to stop sucking at sales”

Sales psychology as a professional and a consumer.

Here’s the question I like to ask to sales professionals in my audience. When it comes to handling an objection in selling your product or service, would that same technique work on you?” 95% of them that will tell me the truth will say no! My second question is, if it won’t work on you, then why are you using it? People love to buy, but no one likes to be sold. In this session, you’ll learn how to sell your products without being salesy by focusing on the elements of human behavior and I will give you the skills to get your prospects to do business with you TODAY!.

“The carrot or the stick”

Getting your prospects to buy TODAY

It is said that a donkey is better lead by a carrot. The visualization of a prize for a desired action. Yet professional horse jockeys use a “crop” or a stick on the backside of their horses to win the Kentucky derby. The animals are similar but different, and so are your prospects. If you’re using the wrong technique to try and sell  your prospect you will be looked at as being pushy therefore unsuccessful. This session teaches you the difference in being “pushy” and creating urgency, how to read your prospects  and get them to take action and to do business with you TODAY!




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