"People Love To buy, but hate to be sold!"

Has this ever happen to you?

Imagine, you’ve been sitting down with a prospect for an hour. You ask for the sale, only to hear “I want to think about

it”.  You try to overcome the objection but to no avail. As you walk away from the meeting, all you hear is SWOOSH as your income goes spiraling down the drain like the flush of a toilet!

On payday, you can’t help but to think of how much more your check would’ve been had you closed that deal. This seems to happen every time you get this (or some other) objection. How do i know? Because i’ve been there. Here’s a question, how much income do you lose because of a particular objection that you can’t overcome?Every sales professional and sales team has a certain amount of

money that’s lost on a daily basis.  How much is yours? Here’s another question, how would your income increase if you could not only overcome those objections, but take them away before the prospect has a chance to use them? Pretty cool huh? In order to do that you must know where a certain objection originates!

J Dawson Consulting teaches advanced sales strategies that are based on the patterns of human behavior. With the right tools it becomes easy to get your prospects to say YES to doing business with you TODAY.

Schedule a session and we’ll uncover the 3 areas in YOUR sales experience that ALL  objections originate and the keys to getting your prospects to do business with you TODAY!


About Me

Solutions for Success

"The Puddle"

Is an inspirational story of being down, but not out. Poor decisions, bad karma, and good ol' fashioned bad luck, left me homeless and stripped of everything that he knew. Everything that had happened that got me to that point, no longer mattered. I only had one decision to make, and that was to live or die!. Since that fateful night 7 years ago, with only one decision to make, live or die, I decided to live! Not only live, live out his passion, of being an entrepreneur. On sheer faith, and determination, I moved out of the homeless shelter, and with very little money, moved into a crack hotel, and started a life insurance agency, expanding it across 11 parishes in the state of Louisiana.

Professional Speaker

As an award winning professional speaker,After competing against a field of 30,000 high level speakers from around the world, this past august, Joel competed in the 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking held in Washington DC where he placed 2nd in the semifinals, making him one of the top 20 speakers in the world according to Toastmasters International. Joel has this to say about competition and competing:


"Competition is the only way to really sharpen your skills as a presenter and a writer. Practice is great, but to get to the next level, you have to get in the ring, even if it's only for fun! If you really want to sharpen your skills in any profession, you must work or compete with people who are better than you. I knew I was good at presenting and writing presentations, but I wanted to get better in two areas, storytelling and humor. I educated myself on the art of storytelling as well as using humor (yes, there's an art to making people laugh), then I started competing. I kept at it until I started winning!"

"To be good at anything takes commitment, but to be great, takes sacrifice!"



Sales applies to every facet of life, from business negotiations to getting children to brush their teeth.  Therefore, seeking improvement in this area will arguably make you better in almost every way!  And Joel Dawson, a consummate professional in the field of sales, public speaking and negotiation, proved to be a valuable resource for me.  I thoroughly enjoy his seminars and personal consultations.  His experience is evident in his mannerisms and communication and he is graciously willing to impart that knowledge on others.

Craig Jaschke

Owner, Stratus Cargo Canopies

Craig Jaschke

"This guy really knows his stuff," I thought. I couldn’t seem to take notes fast enough. The ideas and information flowed freely throughout the evening. His enthusiastic and somewhat humorous approach sustained the audience’s energy and was quite entertaining. He certainly wasn’t your typical, boring speaker! He shares his knowledge freely and always seems to end each meeting with a homework assignment; which I like. I like his training methods.

 Teresa L Rymer, CEO, STETHIES LLC.

Teresa Rymer


J Dawson Consulting

Lafayette, LA, USA

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