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Hiring a speaker for your event can be a task in it's self.  You want to make sure he/she can deliver the goods. Before you hire a speaker ask yourself this, "was he ever ranked as one of the best speakers in the world?"

In 2016 I competed in the World Championship of Public Speaking sponsored by Toastmasters.  In a field of 30,000 i was ranked in the top 20.  If you're looking for that polished professional speaker with stage experience that knows how to entertain, educate, and inspire an audience (all in the same speech) send me an email! If you're an event planner, I'll make you look great, I PROMISE!


"The Puddle-The Choice to Live or Die"


From suicide to success

What happens when poor decisions, bad luck, and a lot of bad karma have a 3 car collision in your life? It left Joel standing on a bridge at 3:00 am ready to end his life. Why not? He’d been homeless for almost 2 yrs.  What else was there to live for?

This is the true story of how a homeless man who’s moments away from suicide  “made a decision” to not only live, but to live life to the fullest! Hear how Joel became successful by starting an insurance business in a crack hotel. This story is told in full in his book called “The Puddle”.

"Make it right"


A Lesson in forgiveness

Sometimes it takes a certain event in your life  to happen in order to learn a lesson. Hear how a near death experience during Operation Desert Storm and the death of his mother taught him a lesson in forgiveness. This is the story that placed Joel among the top 20 speakers in Toastmasters  2016 World Championship of Public Speaking.

"Chocolate brownies from the sky"


Taking responsibility

It’s easy to take credit when things go as planned, but what if they don’t.  We’re quick to say, “it’s not my fault”! A comical story about a lesson in responsibility that came from a brownie!


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